Janus International Group LLC



Janus International Group is the leading innovative Global source of Access Door Solutions and Services dedicated to Self-Storage and Commercial/Industrial Markets, delivered by an empowered Team of Experts who are committed to partnering with and satisfying our customer’s needs.

Janus’ line of roll-up doors are designed with a maintenance-free dead axle assembly. The unique design uses fewer materials, making its doors more efficient to manufacture and faster to install, resulting in savings that is passed on to customers.

This, along with its exceptional customer service, attention to detail and innovation as a roll up door manufacturer make Janus International the obvious choice for your doors and other customized storage solutions, including the enhancement of our self-supporting hallway system, which increases the back bracing and incorporates cross tubes into the swings, giving them more strength and integrity.

Janus also offers relocatable storage structures that allow you to generate additional profit from your underutilized property. These movable external storage solutions allow you to add more storage units without costly or unattainable construction processes.

Janus has offices, manufacturing facilities and partnerships throughout the globe, its worldwide presence as a self storage manufacturer is unparalleled. In addition to its headquarters in Temple, Georgia, other facilities include Arizona, California, Florida, Texas and Indiana. These strategically placed sites not only cut down on manufacturing time, but allow our staff to gain the expertise to understand the challenges and opportunities of your local market – whether that be the ever-expanding global self storage market or in the United States.

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