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Invest in Self Storage – Institutional and Private Placements

We’ve been producing self storage success for our institutional, and private equity partners and our own portfolio since 1997 with the highest operating and fiduciary standards.

Already Invested?  Add $$ to Your Bottom Line, Value to Your Asset, and Safety to your Investment with Advantage Property and Business Management Services.

We are principals in the industry with the internet platform, the e-commerce, the strategic marketing, the revenue management programs, the retail pricing expertise, and the customer service attitude and training to back it up, to drive your top line.  We have the expense controls and the bulk buying power to manage your expenses. We understand the care and feeding required for the physical plant to maximize your curb appeal and maintain the long term value of your asset. We have the policies, procedures and safe operating record to help protect your asset from a costly mistake. We have a 100% success rate in improving the NOI in every property we have managed since 1997.

Time to Divest?  Our institutional and private equity sources are serious about growing the Advantage brand.  Our team of entrepreneurs know the value you have created in your self storage asset, the respect you deserve in negotiating a fair purchase and sale agreement, and are ready to close quickly with minimal contingencies.  Depending on your situation, we may have ways to structure the transaction to help you maximize your tax and retirement plans.

Our Principal and President has been in the industry since 1986, learning the ropes with National and Public before launching Advantage nearly 20 years ago.  Our financial partners have successfully put $billion$ to work.  Let us know how we can help you.

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